[COVER] f(Amber) raps Compilation

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[COVER] f(Amber) raps Compilation Empty [COVER] f(Amber) raps Compilation

Post  ayb126 on Fri Feb 25, 2011 7:06 am

This is my Rapping Cover of f(Amber) in songs:
» Intro (Debut Stage Performance) «
» 라차타 (LA chA TA) «
» Chocolate Love (Electronic Pop Ver.) «
» Chu~♥ «
» Lollipop 2 «
» Nu 예삐오 (Nu ABO) (New Blood) «
» I'm Back «

Check this out ^^
Hope u enjoy it ^^

Feel free to give comments, subscribing, adding as friends, like it, or share it to your friends and family ^^
Thx ^^
Amber loves..
Amber loves..

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