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Amber and Henry One Shot.

Note: this is my first fanfic that i made. hope its not that BAD.. although i read a lot of fanfics here already, this is my first time to write, so bare with it!!!! i just need to take this scene of my head... im too lazy to make a long fanfic so i made it a one-shot... this may leave you craving for more... LOL

(P.S. Henry in this fic didn't come from Canada, instead from taiwan same as Amber)



Henry’s POV..

“Level 1,2,3,4…..” I was counting the numbers of the floors the elevator passed by.

“6,7,8. there. Finally” the elevator stops at the 8th floor. I am holding a big paper bag full of groceries. I just came from the store to buy some groceries that I might need and some snacks to dig in tonight. Since I need to be discreet when going out to the public, I wore a hat and dark eye glasses to cover my identity, after all, I am Henry of Super Junior M. I immediately step out from the elevator and head straight to my unit. But as I turned to the next corner a person bump into me.

“Oh my!” the person exclaimed. This person was wearing jeans and loose shirt and an L.A. cap to cover the rest of her face but it didn’t cover enough for me to see the face of that person.

The two grocery bags that she was holding fell on the floor in an instant, and she somewhat lost her balance. She tripped a little but she didn’t fall because I was able to hold her arm.

“thanks” she smiled a shy smile.

“no problem.” I replied back to her. For a second I was holding her arm, I felt a sudden gush of blood to my face. I slowly remove my grip from her. I put down the paper bag I was holding on my other hand and pick up her grocery bags and handed it to her.

“t-thanks again” she bowed down and smiled awkwardly and then continues to walk. I just watch her as she head towards her door.

I continued walking towards my own door. I slowly slip in the key and entered my own room. I place the paper bag on the table and went directly to my bedroom and lie down to my bed. I just stare at the big poster that I posted on the ceiling of my wall. My first Love….


We were childhood friends, bestfriends to be exact. We both grow up in a small town in Taiwan. She was always boyish when she moves and acts yet very gentle. She always smiles and got a great personality. We usually hangs out together and stays overnight either on mine or her house.

Words need not to be expressed anymore how much I like her because I feel that she feels the same way too. But I never had the chance to tell her how much she means to me.

But when we were in Junior high they migrated to Canada, she didn’t even try to tell me about it, not even a phone call or a letter. That was the last time I saw her.

But life goes on and destiny brought me to Seoul, Korea and I become a member of the famous boyband subgroup of Super Junior M. I love my job now. I love the attention the fans are giving to me and I love music. Music is something that reminds me of her.

“Hey Henry, come with us. Lets visit our new family member.” Donghae hyung literally dragged me outside our practice room heading towards the hallway.

“What the…. Where are you taking me?” I asked him curiosly.

“To the f(x) practice room, other members are there too.” He replied.

We entered the practice room of the new group f(x). they are the new girl group that I heard about. They have just debuted with their new single yet their already famous among other all other new groups that debuted this year.

My attention flew to the person that Jjonghyun was talking with. Donghae was heading towards them too and started talking to them.

For a moment, my eyes were glued towards her. Suddenly, I caught her looking up towards my direction. I immediately look at the different direction and avoid another eye contact with her.

“Henry, come on in. Don’t be shy get in the conversation.” Siwon hyung and other Super Junior member invited me. I obliged with the invitation and joined a good conversation with the rest of the people inside the room. But once in a while I glance at the girl Jhonghyung and Donghae hyung are talking to.

End of Henry's POV:

Amber’s POV

I came to Korea to fulfil a dream that I was once had. To create my own music. When I was in Canada, I auditioned for SM Entertainment and here I am now. I am the androgynous member the girl group f(x). I still can’t believe that this is happening to me. After our debut stage, we receive lots of love and attention from our fans and a lot of support from other groups in the SM entertainment. Just like today, lot’s of sunbaenims came to our practice room to give support for us.

“Amber! Hi? How are you?” Donghae oppa said while coming nearer to me and Jjonghyun oppa.

“Look at the three of us. We can be mistaken as siblings!” Jjonghyun flashed a big smile on her face.
“Aniyo, I wouldn’t want to be Amber’s sibling!” Donghae winked at me.

I smiled to his remarks and raise my head to look at him. I suddenly felt that someone is looking at me, so, I searched who it was. There…. For a second there our eyes met, it felt warm. I immediately look back to Jjonghyun oppa as he was telling me something.

“Yah! Are you even listening to me?” he looked at me with questioning eyes.

“Yes, I am.” I smiled widely to him.

Guesting on shows, live performances here and there. It was tiring but I am enjoying it. I find it heart warming to be a performer. I am liking my new life!

We just finished our rehearsal and my members decided to go home to our dorm.

“Okay, let’s wrap up everything and rest early for tomorrow.” Victoria unnie who is the leader instructed us.

“Vic unnie, can I go to the grocery across our dorm? I wanted to buy some stuff and some food.” I asked permission from her since she’s the oldest.

“Sure, but be careful Okay?” she reminded me

I nodded. I grabbed my L.A. cap and went off immediately. I made a quick shopping of stuff I might be needing and some snacks for tomorrow. I brought home two grocery bags. I didn’t use the elevator, instead I used the stairs to have a little exercise even though our dorm is at the 8th floor.

“1, 2, 3…” I silently mumble the numbers of the floors I passed.

“6,7,8! Finally!” I exclaimed with a smile. I was a tired but I was able to make it. I mentally slapped myself for using the stairs.. and now I’m complaining that I’m tired. When I turned to the next corner, somebody bumped into me. He had a hat on and dark eye glasses to cover up but I can still picture every detail of his face.

“Oh my!” I exclaimed and was shocked by the sudden collision that made the grocery bag slipped from my hands. I was slightly off balanced but the person was able to hold my arm and helped me regain my balance. I looked up to him.

“thanks.” I smiled and looked at him. His hands on my arm felt warm. For a second I was starring back at him.

“no problem.” He slowly remove his grip from my arm and then put down the paper bag he was holding on his other hand and pick up my grocery bags and handed it to me.

“t-thanks again” I bowed down and give a nervous smile to him. I can’t stand the awkward situation so I immediately head towards my own dorm. I closed the door behind me. Place the grocery bags on the nearest table I saw and ran towards my own room. I jumped onto my bed starring blankly at the ceiling. I took something underneath my pillow and stare silently. I starred at the picture of my first love…..

“Henry” I whispered silently his name.

Hope you like it!!!!!

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yup me had read it.
love the way you describe the character.
oh my Berry couple.

Does Amber love you?
Does Amber love you?

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