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[INFO] Read first before posting Empty [INFO] Read first before posting

Post  iHeartJosephine on Tue Jul 13, 2010 8:18 pm

Rules before posting:

1. All General Rules apply here.
General Rules are:
-No abusive, hateful, sexual or racial comments here!
-No double posting.
-To post in the Discussion thread, you need ate leat 10 words but you can post as few as 2 on other threads.
-No bashing of other members here.
-Add tags to your posts...this will be explain in every forum!

2. Tag your topics accordingly

[PIC] for pictures.
[DISC] for discussions
[MISC] for miscellaneous
[RAN] for random stuff
[NEWS] for news where Amber + someone is mentioned

3. Mention only couplings with Amber since this is a Forum for Amber only

4. Post in english only.

5. When posting an image, follow this:

Source: (Where you get the picture)
Reuploader: (That's You)
Credits: (AMBition Forums, do not change this)

6. NEVER bash Amber in any form. We will immediately ban you from this forum.

[INFO] Read first before posting Keyber2

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