[INFO] Read first before posting

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[INFO] Read first before posting

Post  iHeartJosephine on Tue Jul 13, 2010 8:36 pm

Rules before posting:

1. All General Rules apply here.
General Rules are:
-No abusive, hateful, sexual or racial comments here!
-No double posting.
-To post in the Discussion thread, you need ate leat 10 words but you can post as few as 2 on other threads.
-No bashing of other members here.
-Add tags to your posts...this will be explain in every forum!

2. Tag your topics accordingly

[A/S] - album, mini album or single official photos
[SCANS] - album scans, magazine scans, poster scans, and other scanned documents
[CF] - commercials & product endorsements including CF video pics
[MV] - music video pics
[BTS] - behind the scenes mv, cf, show, radio, backstage, etc.
[PERF] - performances pics and screen caps
[SHOW] - tv shows, radio shows, concert pics
[EVENT] - random events attended (eg: awards night, movie premiere, etc)
[MAG] - official magazine pics (not scans)
[PSHOOT] - photoshoots from online news sites (newsen, 10asia, sportschosun, 24news, etc)
[SELCA] - self taken pics by shinee &/or f(x) members themselves
[RANDOM] - other pics not found above like hyubchan (clothing endorsement), random fancams...

5. Post in English only.

6. When posting an image, follow this:

Source: (Where you get the picture)
Reuploader: (That's You)
Credits: (AMBition Forums, do not change this)

7. All photos posted here must contain about Amber and/or related to Amber.

8. NEVER post a picture of Amber that shows negative content about her.

9. Do Not upload picture's uploaded WITHOUT her PERMISSION. (There are certain pictures that were uploaded in the internet that she wasn't aware of and requested to delete it).

10. NEVER bash Amber in any form. We will immediately ban you from this forum.

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