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[INFO] Read first before posting Empty [INFO] Read first before posting

Post  iHeartJosephine on Tue Jul 13, 2010 8:55 pm

Rules before posting:

1. All General Rules apply here.
General Rules are:
-No abusive, hateful, sexual or racial comments here!
-No double posting.
-To post in the Discussion thread, you need at least 10 words but you can post as few as 2 on other threads.
-No bashing of other members here.
-Add tags to your posts...this will be explain in every forum!

2. Always mention the main character of your fanfic, Amber + someone.

3. Mention only couplings with Amber since this is a Forum for Amber only.

4. Post in English only.

5. No Plagiarism. (Copying the story of another author)

6. Only re-post stories if you have consent with the original author.

7. Always put PG in your fanfic if it had explicit contents. Some of our members in this forum are still minors.

8. NEVER bash Amber in any form. We will immediately ban you from this forum.

[INFO] Read first before posting Keyber2

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