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I miss my best friend, Key. Words cannot tell how much I miss him. It is like you are dead but still living, like being empty. Now, today, at noon, I am going to meet him. I feel so happy like never before. I arrived in Seoul at 11.40am , in the morning. Even though I was jet lagged, I made little jumps in my paces. I felt like a child again. The happy feeling inside that is just too much and explodes was what I had inside. I went through the arrival hall. So many bumped into me because I was thinking of my best friend and I took no notice. I was deep in thought . I have so many to tell him. I a asked me to marry him and I am so happy. I am lucky that I have both of them by my side. Key could be the children’s godfather but not now. Kids. I like children. They are so adorable. This just reminded me of our childhood. Key would always make me cry but when I did he danced ridiculously for me, to make me laugh. I am still the crying child....but not for long! I am going to see Key in person! It was 12:30pm. I looked all over for Key, turning on circles in the airport. I felt a hand on my shoulder .I suddenly felt scared for no reason. Why shouldn’t I be? There are so many dangerous people out there. I closed my eyes tightly and slowly turned around. I opened my eyes and shut them and opened them again. The stranger said, “Monkey, It’s me !”. I sighed. There was only one person who could call me “Monkey”. It was Key. I could not speak. I was speechless but so happy. I felt very happy. He then hugged me but I did not return his hug. He hugged me so tightly. I could hear and feel his heart beat. He looked so happy . “Monkey, why are you in Korea?” ,He asked. I replied a bit disappointed saying, “Dog, don’t you miss me?”. He looked pleased because he teased me and expected me to say something like I just said. “Wendy!,” a voice behind me came. I felt straight away, as if I had just woken up from a dream. It was I Hoon. I left him wandering because I left, thinking of Key. Key looked blank. He held my hands and I held his loosely. I could feel something when he held my hand. I cannot explain it. It’s too complex. We both looked at each other and away to Ji Hoon. Ji Hoon looked jealous and He drew my hand away from Key’s. He asked who Key was. I felt like Ji Hoon did not trust me. “This is Key, my....my...” “Best friend”, replied Key. Key brought out his hands to shake Ji Hoon but Ji Hoon looked away from him and then to me. He kissed me and I felt better. I felt that he trusted me but did not expect me to be holding hands with me best friend. Key told us that his friends will be picking us up and so we waited for ten minutes in the lounge. Ji Hoon did not look pleased and I was sad because of the two men that I loved, One did not like the other. I started making a conversation with Key . We started talking about our childhood then Key asked me who that man, Ji Hoon was and I said that he was my boyfriend. Key laughed so much that I joined him. I laughed so hard that my sides were hurting but he had a charm of making people laugh when he laughs. Ji Hoo asked me why we were laughing . Just then I wondered why I was. I asked Key what is was that he found funny and he said , “That man.....the rude dude....is your boyfriend?........Wendy.....did you hit your head.....You have a really bad taste...!” Ji Hoo went all red with anger and I felt so uncomfortable. I made an excuse to go to the bathroom and the winked at Key to follow me to the “bathroom” I made a start and Key said he had to make a call and he met me under the stairs of the lounge. “Key, that is my boyfriend you are talking about! That rude dude is my boyfriend........he has a really.......bad temper......and......” He interrupted me saying ,” I am sorry.....why....when.....how....how did ...did he become your boyfriend? Wendy......I have to tell....i have to tell you something....” Just then , I heard Ji Hoon’s voice. I quickly started to ran away but Key got hold of my hands. I struggled to let go, “ Key , its Ji Hoo ! I have to go immediately! I don’t want him to get the wrong impression of our relationship.” Ji Hoon walked into us! Oh no. Ji Hoon......control your temper ....please.........not here Ji Hoo. Ji Hoon punched Key and I went to helpless Key on the floor. His nose was bleeding and he groaned my name. Ji Hoo was about to punch him again when .., “Key!! Are you alright”, a voice from behind said. Ji Hoon was cleaning his fist. The voice

belonged to a man , I think who was younger than Key. Key held my hand. I cleaned his bloody nose with my handkerchief and he smiled at me. Ji Hoon apologised and I felt so embarrassed. “Taemin!” , Key called out. .. “ Take the bags into the car and where are onew and Minho?” “They are in the car. Are you okay? What did

this man hit you for?” “Just go and put the bags in the car,” Key replied while standing up. He looked at me and said that he was alright. Ji Hoon looked at me and said he was sorry. I was lost for words because I was

embarrassed. He took hold of me and walked me to the exit of the airport. I looked back at Key and he also

looked at me. I felt bad but when Ji Hoon held my hands, I was comforted. Ji Hoon called for a taxi and I was so angry . Key was so angry that he held Ji Hoo’s dress and yelled, “Why are you making her suffer!!! You are a jerk! Wendy ,I love you. let’s go.” I was shocked, surprised and pleased because actually, Ji Hoon is a jerk and no one has ever told him that in his face but, behind his back. Key held out his hand to me. Ji Hoon told me to come with him.. I had no choice and no options. My best friend or my boyfriend. My head ached and i felt dizzy. My vision was blurry and i was hearing voices. Before I knew it, I landed on the floor. I heard sirens then, everything went blank. I felt nice and comfortable. My vision was becoming less blurrier. I struggled to get up but i was too weak. I saw Key by my side, laying his head at the side of my bed and 4 other guys waiting for me to wake up. I could not move properly so I had to move my hand to signal Key that I was awake. He slowly got up and smiled at me then, kissed my forehead. I finally got the strength to get up. I felt loved for the first time, if i said for the first time, I did not feel loved by Ji Hoon. It was just attraction but no with Key, it was love. I had remembered something that happened before I landed in the hospital. Key said he loved me! Could it have been a dream?! Do I want him to love me or He was just kidding?! I was so confused.....yes !I was confused! I just was confused. I noticed that I Hoon was not in the room with us. “Key, where is J- I hoon?” I asked. Key said that he was busy. I turned my head away and cried. Ji hoon . JI Hoon left me. Why? What did I do wrong? My memory is a complete mashed potato . I can only remember things from when we arrived In Seoul. Ji Hoon asked me something before we came here. But what? “ Wendy, are you ok? Look at me......that jerk ....that little jerk hurt you. He left Korea....he said he had an important meeting to attend to .....I...I....do you remember anything that I said earlier on?” “Ummm......”.......Should I tell him that I thought that he said that he loved me? I feel sick now. Should I? “Yes. I do.....you called me monkey!” I smiled sheepishly . “Oh,....ya.....yes I did ....of course....that’s...that’s all i said.” He looked rather disappointed and I looked very akward. “I have something for my monkey,” he said. “What is it?” II asked still smiling but expecting something big. “Here! Your favourite!” he brought out my favourite candy. I snatched it from him and said that the candy was not fit to be in his hands, jokingly. He came so close to my face, that i could feel his breath. I was so uncomfortable but so happy. He pouted his lips and I thought that he was going to kiss my lips. I closed my eyes. “Ahhhh! Key ,what are you doing?” I just said this without thinking. Just then , he kissed my cheek. I felt myself go red and he noticed it. “So now, do my kisses melt you?,” he asked. “Key , your kisses are slimy and they do not melt me, they freeze me to death” I was still taking my candy. I forgot about the other men in the room. “Key , who are these men?” i asked. “They are my friends. This is Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun and Minho.” “Nice to meet you Olney, Taman, Jongun and Minho,” i said then, they all burst out laughing including Key. Finally, Onew spoke

up, “I am O-nee-you, those are Ta—ee—min and Jong—yoon. And you had Minho’s name right! Key, your girlfriend is not only pretty but funny!” Wow! I felt flattered but wait! Did he say “girlfriend ? I am not Key’s girlfriend . Maybe I just misheard. “Watch out ok! She is my monkey!” Key lashed out . Minho was smiling at me and I smiled back to him. Key is really lucky to have friends like those. The doctor came in and we all settled down. He said to me, “So, your boyfriend here said that you just fainted and as a doctor , it was nothing, You just need a lot of rest and everything would be alright.” I was confused, “Doctor, you mean Ji Hoon is here?” The doctor said that it was Key who told him that I fainted,. The smile was wiped out of my face. I thought Ji Hoon would be here. Key held my hand and smiled. He knew what I was thinking. He comforted my with his smile- with just a smile. I never imagined how comforting a smile would be. His smile. The doctor left and it was time for me to pack away. Key and the guys left the room . Minho was the last to leave. He said to me, “Get well soon.” And smiled at me. I felt weird but smiled at him anyway. I packed up and was ready to go! Key helped me with my bag as always and we were arm in arm walking to the exit of the hospital. I sat in the front seat but not with Key. I sat in front with Jonghyun. He was driving. I fell asleep in the car and I had a dream that I went to a fortune teller. She told me that I was near my soul mate but my future husband was away and that I was going to loose something very important to me! I screamed. My scream woke up sleeping Minho , Onew and Key. Key was about to say something but I said that I just had a bad dream and smiled sheepishly as always. We arrived at their flat and I thought it was big. We entered their room and guess what? It was tiny but clean. I felt at home. Minho offered me a glass of water. I sat in the couch , tired and hungry. I asked Minho where the kitchen was and he showed me. I went through the fridge while everyone was packing up . I think that I ate a packet of choco pie. I remember those and I think the marshmallows in them had gone softer. I heard voices approaching and I rushed back to the couch. “Who has been here, in the fridge?”, shouted Joghyun. I felt scared. Joinghyun has not been nice to me since he saw me and now , he sounded mad. I pretended to fall asleep and Key saw me. “Its me,” he said. I was relieved but I just remembered that my mouth was full of choco pie. “Key, I dare you to kiss Wendy,” said Onew. Onew and his sick mind! Why did he have to say this now? I shut my eyes even more and I think that they noticed that I was not sleeping. “Okay! Here I go,” said Key, in a sarcastic voice. He was coming closer to me and I could not bear the feeling any longer. I could feel the warmth of his breath. I was then forced the spit out the choco pie, but in his face. All the guys burst out laughing. Onew took a picture and I felt embarrassed, “I was just hungry, sorry Jonghyun.” I did not know what to say next so i asked for my room. “There is a problem,” Minho said, “You are sharing a room with me”. I was blank and I said that I was okay with it. Key said that someone had to stay woth me while they go and buy some food. Jonghyun said that Minho should be the one to stay with me. Minho smiled at me and I forced a smile back. When Key was leaving with the guys, I ran to him and hug him. I whispered into his ears, “Thank you” and kissed him on the cheeks. “Ooooooh, they like each other,” teased the guys, especially Onew. He and his sick and childish mind! I returned the the main room with Minho. He offered to show me to my room. He showed me the door and I was about to open the door and our hands met! I apologised and left the door knob. He just smilded at me. The room was so tidy and blue! We sat on the bed and started talking. “How did you meet Key?” he asked. “Well..,” Is aid, “ I met him. In primary school, he wet his pant and the children made fun of him. He was crying under a tree and there I was with me candy. I saw him crying and gave him my favourite candy. We smilde at each other and since then we were best of friends!” I was smiling after I told him the story. He was not smiling. He told me that I was funny and pretty. I felt really flattered and pleased. I started getting to know him through talking with him and he seems like a nice and mature person unlike Jonghyun and Onew

He asked me if I like the three bears song and i said yes. He said that he liked it too and we went to the main room and started singing it and dancing. When I was turning, I tripped. I nearly fell but Minho held me from falling. It felt akward at that moment. Just then , Key walked in. He did not mind but when Onew came, he said, “Key hyung. Minho is flirting.” I seriously hated Onew now! He made me so mad. I seriously wanted to punch him. “Wendy! You need to be resting! Not dancing right now, ....with Minho!!!!” Key sounded jealous. “Key why are you so mad? I was just having fun with Minho. No need to get jealous.” Key hugged me. I found it strange. Just then,I realised that he was pushing me away from Onew falling in my direction. Key yelled, “Wendy! I have been wanting to tell you something!!! Are you sure that you did not remeber what I said?! I have been aching because of what I am about to say to you.!,” I was scared. Did he really want to say that he loved me? I began to think that I also did. “No, I dont remember,” I said . The guys were all looking as if they were watching one of those KBS dramas. Key also noticed them . He dragged me outside, downstairs. I was so scared. He brought me under a tree and showed me a marking there, it read, “Key Wendy” I thought it was cute and I smiled but Key was frowning. “Key are you ok?”, i asked so worriedly. He asked me if I remembered that tree and I said that I did and he smiled. He held both me hands and I felt uncomfortable but I had nothing to do but to allow him to. He came closer to me and I asked him what the problem was. He kissed me. I had my eyes wide open, for i was in surprise! “I love you,” he said . My body was numb and all I could do was to smile. He kissed me again. This time, I kissed him back. We were interrupted by a cough. It was Minho and Key and I slowly withdrew. I smiled to Minho and I run inside. I felt so happy and so sad. I had kissed my best friend whom I like and my boyfriend is nowhere near. I went to my room and tried to call Jo Hoo but he would not pick up. I missed him so much but I am not sure that I loved him. He was like a friend to me. I just remembered! He had asked me to marry him!! I even felt worse when I remeberd this. I have made him so happy but I loved someone else. "Wendy, are you alright," called out Key. "I am fine. How are you," I began to make an akward conversation. "Oh, look at the time, its late , huh," "Yes it is," Key also sounded awkward. "Look, Key, its too early for me. I miss my boyfriend who has not called and I am worried about him. I am sorry but give me some more time,its just too much" I was so sad when saying that. Ji Hoo had always made my laugh. The least he could do was to make me smile. I left Key in my room and went to the kitchen. I wanted to help out with the cooking but Jonghyun insisted that he does it. He smiled at me for the first time. I smiled back. I told the guys that I wanted to be alone for sometime. I went walking by the beach not far from the apartment. I cried. I cried so hard. I miss Ji Hoo. I am sad when I am not near him. I began to remember how we met: I was visiting my friend one day and I saw him there. We talked about ourselves and he seemed like a nice person. The next day, I went swimming to reduce the stress I had from fashion school. I was deep in thought while swimming. I wanted to die. Everyone I loved seem to dissapear, My best friend and my parents. I thought I had nothing to live for. I decided to drownit. myself. I did and Ji Hoo saved me. He asked me out to dinner . I had nothing to wear. I decided to wear some baggy jeans and a sequin blouse. He came to my house on his motor bike and we went to a fancy restaurant. Everyone was either wearing a suit or a dress. I felt embarrassed but Ji Hoo held my chin up and told me not to be. He cared for me. We ate and talked about me and why I decided to drown myself. I thanked him. He was talking , then suddenly, he came over to me. He knelt down. I thought he was going to ask me to marry him. I foolishly said, "Ji Hoo, what are you doing" "Do you want to fall?," he tied my shoelaces. I felt like a child. He then started to tell me jokes and I laughed so hard I could not feel my face. After dinner, he took me to town . We ate icecream and he was pushing me on the swing. He asked if I could ice skate and I said that I could, when I could't. I fell a few times on the rink. He held my hand and helped me up a few times till I got it right. I was staring at him. He was so handsome. He smiled at me. I began to feel sleepy. He took me home and I thanked him. I kissed him before he left. He kissed me back and I felt so happy. When he was leaving, I called out to him to come in. He came in and we talked for a long time till he fell alseepon my shoulder. I felt so awkward.When he woke up the next morning, he asked me to be his girlfriend. I arrived at the apartment after dinner. Key was so worried. "Is my monkey alright?" he said. "I am good. No need to worry about me," I was so sad and angry for no reason. I wanted to make Ji Hoo so jealous so that he would want me back. I thought kissing Key,AGAIN, would settle it. I kissed Key. I wanted to forget Ji Hoo and I would use Key to do that.They asked me where I went and I told them that I was by the beach. "I'm srry , Wendy, but there is no food for you now." said Minho. "Guys, its ok." I dashed into the kitchen and started preparing ramen. It smelt so good and the guys asked me what I was cooking and I told them to wait till they see it. While cutting the meat, I cut my finger. Luckily for me Minho came in. "Wendy!!! You are bleeding" "Minho..ah..it.....is.....not.....nothing," I struggled to say. He took my hand , sent me to the bathroom and washed my blood-soaked finger . He stared at me and the water kept running. I struggled with all mu strength, despite the situation to say a few words,"Ahh...Minho, the water...the water...the water is still...its still flowing." I felt so stupid. He stopped staring and turned off the water. He took a clean towel and clean my hand. We smiled at each other and he said."I will takeover the cooking for now, till your finger is alright." I nodded like an obedient child. I thought he left but when I was about to go downstairs, I bumped into him. Our faces were about 2 centimetres away and I felt ....I felt....I don't even know what I felt. He smiled and said, "I don't think that your finger is alright. Go to our room and lie down. I will bring you your dinner" He looked so cute when he was talking. I fought to listen to what he was saying. "Ummm.....sure...ok, thank you," I hugged him and went away. I could have sworn that he was smiling . I went to our room and he went to the kitchen. The food smelt so good. Better than mine. Key suddenly said,"Minho! Is Wendy there with you in the kitchen?" "No she is in our room," he said. Key came to me in the room and He lied my me on the bed. "Wendy, what happened to your finger?" I looked at my finger and said,"Its nothing. It is just a small cut and Minho took care of it for me. I am okay. " He smiled and was about to kiss me when Minho entered. Key mumured,"Aishh....." Minho smiled and said, "Wendy, you food is here. I hope you do not mind but Jonghyun hyung took part of the food and shared it with Onew and Taemin. They say you are a good cook. Key...ah you are here. I am just going to feed Wendy." Key snatched the tray from Minho and he smiled at Minho. "Thank you . I will take it from here." I sensed that Key was a bit jealous. He began to feed me but I spat out the first spoonful. I hit him. "Key!!! The food is too hot. I am going to get you for this. Now, my mouth is burnt. Minho, can you show him how it is done?" Minho came and took the food . He blew on it and gave it to me. Key was so jealous that he just said , "Ok. I am going going." I finally said,"Key , stay. You can give me a drink of water if I am thirsty , then you can....let me see......you can tell me a story after I finish eating" Key just smiled. Onew came in and said, "Wow! Minho is really going for it! Key , he has your girl." I finally got the strength to throw anything I could find at him. Aish....I hate Onew. I screamed,"Onew come hereee" I chased him all over the rooms with my pillow in my hand.. Taemin screamed,"PILLOW FIGHTTTT!!!" "NO!! NO pillow fight," i Yelled. The guys took their pillow and started hitting each other, I ran outside crying. I went to the balcony. I cried. I cried my heart out. Ji Hoo and I used to pillow fight every evening. Now,I am not with him and it hurts. Taemin came to me outside, "Do you miss him? Your boyfriend" I nodded. "Don't cry. Maybe you were not meant to be together. Do you know that Key hyung likes you? Minho hyung too. We are all here for you. Minho said that he has been too shy to talk to you. He really likes you even though he has the flamy charisma, he does not have a girlfriend. You should be with Minho. Both of you look good together. Do you know what? Lets go by the beach to try to clear your mind. I will buy you an ice cream" Taemin's words made me cry even more. Not because they were bad. They were actually soothing words. I thought of him as my older brother and as a friend. We were going to go on Jonghyun's bicycle but I wanted to ride a bicyle and he gave me Minho's on purpose. The wind was blowing in my hair and i felt much more better than before. "Thank you", I said to Taemin. He treated me well and I wished that I had a friend like him. Key is really lucky to have such a friend. "Taemin, can we be friends?" I asked. "Yes" he said back. He was like a brother to me, one that I have never had. It was 10 o'clock and it was very late. I thought that the guys would be looking for us so I told Taemin that we had better be going back home soon. I raced Taemin to the apartment and I won! We took the elevator together and when we got to the sixth floor, Taemin told me to tiptoe because we would be in trouble if the guys saw us. He opened the door and suprise , suprise!!! The guys were waiting for us. Key yelled at Taemin but I said that it was my fault that we went out and we came back late. Key was yeling at me. He said that I was so stubborn and that was the reason Ji Hoon left me. There were tears in my eyes. Jonghyun held Key's shoulder, signalling him to stop yelling at me. I ran to my room and I switched on my laptop, crying. The wallpaper was a picture of Ji Hoon and I and some cute dogs . I remember that day as if it was just yesterday. We were in the park and Ji Hoo accidentally sat on a half-eaten steak and I think all the dogs were sniffing his butt. It was so funny. Someone got to take a picture of us and the dogs in the end. I checked my mail and there was nothing in the inbox. Nothing from Ji Hoon. Minho came in and I signed out. He looked at the screen and saw Ji Hoo. He shouted not too loud,"Omo, is that your boyfriend? He is that famous singer in SS501." I said yes it was him. Minho sat by me and he said, "So I will be sleeping on the floor and you sleep on the bed." It felt so akward. I njnust smiled at him. He was laying his kilt on the floor and lied on it. I feltr so bad that he had to sleep on the floor. "Minho, come and sleep on the bed." He replied saying, "Ummm....with you?" "No , I will sleep on the floor," I said. He said that he wanted me to sleep on the bed, so I asked him to sleep on the the bed with me. Minho decided to sleep on the same bed with me. I turned one way and he turned one way. I had a good night sleep and I dreamt of Minho. He was giving me flowers and we were runnig towards each other then .......I woke up!
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